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United States Medical Licensure Examination

All students in the College of Medicine must take and pass Steps 1 and 2 of Clinical Knowledge and Step 2 of Clinical Skills of the United States Medical Licensure Examination in order to graduate.

Time is provided for USMLE Step 1 preparation prior to the exam. Informational materials and applications for the USMLE can be found at the USMLE website.

In the event of Step 1 or Step 2 failure, a student is required to repeat the examination. Although USMLE scores do not constitute part of the evaluation of students in their medical school courses, scores may be very important in the attainment of desired postgraduate training programs as well as for medical licensure. Many residency programs look at these scores very closely.

Students are required to take Step 1 at the conclusion of the third year unless written permission is granted in advance from the Office of Educational Affairs. In all instances, the Step 1 examination must be taken and passed by July 31 following the third year. If a student has not passed Step 1 by then, they must take a leave of absence until Step 1 is passed. The clerkship curriculum may be altered if a student has failed either step of the USMLE in consultation with the Vice Dean for Educational Affairs.

Step 2 (parts A and B) must be taken no later than Jan. 1 of the fourth year and a passing score must be recorded in order to receive the MD degree.

Beginning the Class of 2008, a student who fails any component of any step of USMLE may repeat the exam twice. A failure of any component on the third attempt will result in the student’s dismissal from the College of Medicine.

Step 3 is taken after graduation from medical school at the end of not less than six months of internship. All examination requirements for USMLE certification must be met within a seven-year period.