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Global Health Scholars

The Global Health Scholars Program (GHSP) is a collaborative project, developed in conjunction with multiple departments including Family and Community Medicine, Humanities, Medicine, Pediatrics, and Public Health Sciences.  GHSP is an innovative approach in allowing students and faculty to participate in making a difference for people in an impoverished setting.

The GHSP is designed for those students who are highly interested in global health.

Global Health Scholars Program
The GHSP allows medical students to work together, both in the classroom as well as in the field. Supervised by faculty, the Global Health Scholars take part in two immersive trips.  The first trip primarily entails an introduction to the community, and participation in developing a community health project.  The second trip, occurring in the students’ senior year, provides students with an opportunity to participate in clinical care at the same location.  Students receive pre-trip safety sessions, in-country medical education specific to the site, and several sessions by our faculty on global and community health related issues.

Through this longitudinal relationship with the host community, it is our hope and expectation that students and faculty will be greatly enriched and the health and welfare of the people will be measurably improved.

The GHSP is open to first year medical students attending Penn State’s College of Medicine who are selected through an application process. Prior to applying we strongly recommend that interested students review information about each unique site the program offers. Students are encouraged to contact Lindsey Kline, Global Health Center Manager ( for details.

Through completion of this four-year track students will receive the following:

  • Credit for completion of GHSP specific electives (GH717, GH727, GH747)
  • Mentoring relationships with highly interested faculty
  • Under the direction of faculty, students will gain skills for community engagement, basic health data collection and analysis, and community health intervention development with implementation.  Students will be integral decision-makers in the program with the goal of measurably improving the health of the residents of the host community.

Important note: Scholars are responsible for their own funding to cover the costs of the trip. Travel costs can be approximately $2,500 to $3,000, if not more, for the monthlong experience in the first year.

How to Apply

Applications are open in the fall, due Sept. 27 for that academic year’s program.

See the application here

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