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MSR Travel Award

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The purpose of these awards are to help defray the travel costs for medical students to present their scholarly work at professional meetings and conferences. All medical students at Penn State are eligible to apply for an award, and any research presentation by the student can qualify for an award, not just the research performed for your Medical Student Research Project. There is no deadline, however you must apply at least 3 weeks before departure. Several monetary awards are available – up to $500 each. Due to the limited amount of funds available per academic year, students may only receive one travel award.

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All Medical Students who have either submitted or completed their Medical Student Research Report (including those receiving exemptions) are eligible to apply for a Travel Award.

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Click to view the Penn State College of Medicine MSR Travel Award application.

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For a submission to be considered, the application must be submitted at least 3 weeks before departure date and no more than three months prior to departure.

Applicants must have requested matching funds from his/her advisor or advisor’s department. In addition, please request travel funds from your meeting site organizers if they are available.

Only medical students may submit an application. No group, organization or department applications will be accepted.

Students traveling to present their research must have submitted their MSR Report or received an exemption in order to qualify for this award. Your research presentation does not need to be related to your MSR. A student can apply for travel funds for required training in order to perform their MSR without having submitted their Report or exemption.

Students may receive the MSR Travel Award only once.

The award will be up to one-half of the total cost of the trip, with a maximum award of $500. The application must include a proposed budget (see attachment). This budget should include the identification of the other financial resources (if any) that have been obtained to help support the trip. Any costs in excess of this amount must be paid from other sources.

Reimbursement of travel will be made for approved trips after receipts have been submitted. All reimbursements must comply with University policies.

Save all ORIGINAL receipts involving travel, such as:

  • Air Travel
  • Hotel
  • Transportation/parking
  • Registration

Note: Meals will be calculated on a per diem basis. If you are traveling with another student and splitting the cost of a hotel room, be sure to get individual receipts from the hotel identifying the portion each of you paid for so that you will be able to submit your hotel receipt as part of your expenses.

Within 2 weeks of your return, please contact Renee Seibel with regards to reimbursement and travel receipts. If Renee has not been contacted within this time frame, you risk the possibility of not being reimbursed. Please note: reimbursement will be given up to the amount approved, based on receipts received after travel is complete.

Penn State Awards

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Apply here

Application deadline for most 2019 awards is 8 a.m. April 1, 2019. (The CTSI Translational Science Fellowship typically an application deadline in March, and a separate application process. Please check the CTSI site for detailed information.)

Bedrick Family Medical Student Research Award Expand answer

Limited to a project in pediatrics.

2019: Up to $3,000 (may be split among 2-3 projects)

Hill Family Medical Student Cancer Research Fund Award Expand answer

Limited to a project in cancer research, especially cholangiocarcinoma.

2019: Up to three awards of $2,000 each (may be split among more students)

Lloyd Scholarship for International Medical Research Expand answer

Limited to a project conducted in a country other than the United States.

2019: Up to $4,000 (may be split among several students/projects)

McGaritty Medical Student Research Scholarship Expand answer

Limited to a project in gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, pancreas and/or nutrition research.

2019: Up to $2,000 (may be split between 2 students)

Naugle Family Medical Student Research Scholarship Expand answer


2019: One award of $1,000

CTSI Translational Science Fellowship (TSF) Program Expand answer

Application deadline is in mid-March.

The CTSI Translational Science Fellowship (TSF) Program provides graduate and medical students with the opportunity to gain select knowledge and skills in clinical and translational research in a 10-week experiential summer program. Targeted to early-stage learners, the program includes training in both foundational skills (i.e., research design, data analysis) and professional skills (i.e., communications, ethics, teamwork). Examples of real-world clinical and translational research are used throughout the course. A ten-week living stipend is provided to cover the active learning and related research time.

See more information and apply here.

Department of Humanities Awards

External Awards

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Go to the website of the award you are interested in to find out when the applications are available and their deadlines.

Note: Some deadlines are in the fall, so be sure to check it out early and often.