Financial Aid

The financial aid awarded you by the College of Medicine is only for the time period stated on your student aid summary and can be used only at The Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine. You must submit a new or renewal application for each additional enrollment period. Students are encouraged to file their application using the FAFSA web site. Completed federal tax information should be used and the application submitted by February 28th for maximum aid consideration. The amounts and types of financial assistance can change from year to year.

The Federal School Code for the College of Medicine is 003329.

If you receive financial assistance, including scholarships, loans and grants, that is not included on your financial aid notification from the Office of Student Aid, you must report these amounts to the Office of Student Aid. Federal regulations require that these funds be taken into account in determining your eligibility for federal student aid. If the assistance that you receive from private or outside sources results in an over award, an adjustment will be made to your financial aid award so that your total financial assistance is not greater than the institutionally determined Cost of Attendance.

Your FAFSA will indicate that you are an independent student for eligibility consideration for Federal Loans such as Stafford and Grad PLUS. However, you are encouraged to provide parental financial data on the FAFSA for eligibility consideration for PSCOM need-based scholarships and loans.

Students are notified of their eligibility for financial assistance in April.