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Accepted Medical Students

Dear Medical Student,

Congratulations on your acceptance to the Penn State College of Medicine! Please review this important information on this section of the website. Your quick response enables our staff to review your information and bring to your attention any missing components. Please call the Student Health office if you have any questions or concerns, as non-compliance may prevent you from beginning classes.

Print the forms as instructed and return to the Student Health office by June 1. These forms must be submitted in person, via fax or mail. You may not send them via email.

The requirements are

  1. Physical exam form completed and signed by your health care provider within the past 12 months.
  2. Immunization and infectious disease form completed and signed by your health care provider. (Make sure to include copies of the lab reports displaying titer and IGRA results.) Information must be recorded on Penn State forms. “See attached” for immunization records will not be accepted.
  3. Health history form completed by you, then reviewed and signed by your health care provider.
  4. Preregistration form completed with a copy of your current insurance card attached. (You will learn more about the insurances available to you as a medical student at orientation.)

Download all these forms here

Fees will be incurred for not completing these requirements before June 1. The fees are as follows:

  • After June 1: $50
  • After June 15: $100
  • After July 2: $150

Students accepted after May 5 will have five weeks from their acceptance date to complete their requirements before incurring the $50 fee. The fee increases to $100 after six weeks, and to $150 after eight weeks.

Thank you for your cooperation and prompt attention to these important documents and deadlines. Our hope is that you do not incur any late fees. Please mail all health forms to:

Penn State College of Medicine
Office of Student Health, HP03
845 Fishburn Road
Hershey, PA 17033

We wish you the very best personally and academically. We look forward to caring for you and your family’s health care needs.

Office of Student Health

Beth Wallen, MD, MPH
Director of Student Health

Allie Ludwig
Administrative Associate

Karen Phillips, LPN
Student Health Nurse

For assistance with obtaining, reading or filling out the PDF forms that are linked to from this website, contact the Office of Student Health at:

Phone: 717-531-5998
Fax: 717-531-0129

Immunization Requirements

All required immunizations and titers must be completed and submitted to Student Health by June 1 of your incoming year. If you have started but not yet completed your required immunizations due to recommended time intervals for vaccines, the needed vaccinations are available at Penn State Student Health Services. If you have questions about the immunization requirements, you may call our Immunization Nurse at 717-531-5998.

Download all these forms here

Immunization and Physical

Students need an immunization record and physical form filled out and returned to the Office of Student Health. We also have lab orders for the titers that are needed. To view the required immunizations and titers, refer to the list in step 1.

Download all these forms here

Health History and Pre-Registration

All students are required to fill out an entrance health and pre-registration form before enrolling. These forms are placed in your medical chart at Student Health to help staff care for your medical needs.

Download all these forms here

Meningococcal Vaccination for Students Living in On-Campus Housing

If you will be living in on-campus housing, the State of Pennsylvania requires that you receive information about meningococcal meningitis and the vaccine and that you sign a document stating that you have either received a vaccination against meningococcal disease or reviewed the information and declined to be vaccinated. You will be mailed an informational packet with specific instructions if you are accepted into student housing. Find out more about student housing.

Click here for more information on meningococcal virus.

Complete Your Student Health Insurance Requirement Compliance Process

All new medical students and all international Penn State University students are required to have health insurance. Under this requirement, students must either purchase the Penn State Student Health Insurance Plan or provide documentation of enrollment in a comparable United States-domiciled plan.

If a student has not waived out of the Penn State Student Health Insurance Plan by the deadline date, he/she will have the fee automatically charged to their student account. However, an enrollment form must still be completed by the deadline for enrollment to be complete. Any questions about this should be directed to the Hershey Bursar’s office at 717-531-6126 or

Students will need to complete the annual insurance enrollment/waiver process each year they are enrolled at Penn State. 

In order for an insurance plan to meet the Penn State University mandatory insurance waiver criteria, the insurance plan must feature, at a minimum, all of the following:

Coverage that allows the insured student to receive outpatient, emergency, specialist and inpatient care, maternity benefits, diagnostic testing and procedures, and mental health inpatient and outpatient care, including alcohol and substance abuse treatment. Pay benefits worldwide. Evacuation insurance (for medical illness and injury and for reasons of civil unrest) when students are engaged in school-sanctioned activities outside of the United States must be purchased if not included in this plan at the time of travel.

  1. A deductible not greater than $3,000 per policy year.
  2. Have a unlimited maximum benefit per incident
  3. The insurance must be provided by an insurance company domiciled in the United States (or must be provided by an international insurance company with a United States partner for handling of insurance claims in the United States).

Information about insurance, fees and billing practices can be found at the Penn State University Health Services website.