Office for a Respectful Learning Environment

George Blackall, PsyD

Welcome to the Office for a Respectful Learning Environment.

Our mission is to foster an educational community at Penn State College of Medicine in which all learners and educators feel supported, challenged, valued, and respected. This is a community endeavor; everyone can help, and anyone can hurt.

The LCME mandates “that the learning environment of its educational programs is conducive to the ongoing development of explicit and appropriate professional behaviors in its [learners], faculty, and staff at all locations and is one in which all individuals are treated with respect” (LCME Functions and Structure of a Medical School). Our goal is to exceed that mandate.

This office serves all learners at Penn State College of Medicine: medical students, graduate students, PA students, residents and fellows.

Contact Us

With questions, contact Director Dr. George Blackall at 717-531-6148 or