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What Should I Do if Mistreatment Occurs?

There are many options available to you if you experience or witness mistreatment.

If You Can Resolve the Issue On Your Own

Move toward resolution through a discussion and seeking support.

If You’re Not Sure What To Do

If you are unsure about whether a behavior rises to the level of mistreatment, you are encouraged to contact Dr. Debra Byler, Director of the Office for a Respectful Learning Environment, at 717-531-8790 or for a confidential discussion.

If you’re unsure, you may also contact your academic advisor or a student ombudsperson.

If You Need More Help

If you cannot resolve the mistreatment issue on your own, you have four reporting options:

  • Contact the Office for a Respectful Learning Environment
  • Contact program leadership
    • MD and PA students: Contact the course or clerkship director
    • Graduate students: Contact Charles Lang, PhD, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
    • Residents: Contact your residency program director
  • Complete an evaluation
    • MD and PA students: Complete a course or clerkship evaluation form at the end of class and answer mistreatment questions.
  • Report online