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Community Service

An important mission of the College of Medicine is service to community. The faculty and staff take this responsibility seriously and contribute countless hours to a wide range of community and professional service activities.

Medicine is a service profession and we feel strongly that students should learn to care for others in an environment that values and supports activities that benefit the community. We are extremely proud of the fact that community service is a tradition of our medical students. The list of service activities is broad and affords students the opportunity to select activities that best suit their interests and talents.

Over the past year Penn State College of Medicine students have:

  • Helped sick children smile and laugh,
  • Provided companionship for the elderly,
  • Cleared hiking trails,
  • Supported battered women and their children,
  • Worked in third world country health clinics,
  • Served as big brothers and big sisters,
  • Provided health education to secondary school children,
  • Donated blood,
  • Provided support to terminally ill patients, and
  • Administered free medical care to homeless men and women.

Organizations served by our students include:

Penn State students make a difference in the lives of many. They step forward and say “I Will Help!” We are committed to service to community as an important component of the mission of the Penn State College of Medicine.