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Penn State College of Medicine provides a wide range of medical student education programs in both the pre-clinical and clinical years of training, to both College of Medicine MD students as well as visiting students.

Clerkships, acting internships and electives are available in Hershey and University Park for students enrolled in those tracks. The core clerkships are listed below.

Affiliate site preceptors and residents can access abridged version of clerkship syllabi here. Students should utilize Canvas to access full clerkship syllabi.

The UP Parallel Curriculum Track features a Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (LIC) for the core clinical clerkships. This approach to clinical education has been piloted at UP and more recently Hershey over the last few years, and offers the opportunity for students to create meaningful learning relationships with patients and faculty by participating longitudinally in all specialties over the year rather than rotating in separate blocks. Simultaneous outpatient experiences are balanced with focused inpatient immersions and ongoing, integrative, Inquiry Group discussions to maximize deep learning and professional growth. The LIC model has been growing in popularity across US Medical Schools over the last 10 years, and is a highly regarded model for clerkship education.