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Ambulatory Medicine Clerkship

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Ambulatory Clerkship is a new clinical rotation that involves spending four weeks embedded within an ambulatory setting throughout Penn State Health’s academic health system and the communities it serves.

Ambulatory settings include physician offices, urgent care clinics, outpatient surgical facilities and specialty clinics. Students will grow their history, physical, assessment and plan skills for the types of patients receiving care at their particular site.

Through this experiential learning opportunity, students will be challenged to understand their patients’ healthcare values through their life stories. Students will utilize more in-depth history-taking during individual patient encounters. In addition, students will apply Health System Science and Humanities Principles to a core project.

The student schedule will be focused on one particular ambulatory site with preceptors specific to that site. Students will have two to three half days with no assigned clinical duties during which they are expected to complete assessments.

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Dr. Amy Westcott
Clerkship Director

Nicole Vasquezi-Rode
Clerkship Coordinator