Cognitive Skills Program

Penn State College of Medicine’s Cognitive Skills Program (CSP) provides comprehensive cognitive skills development and learning support to our medical, graduate, and physician assistant students.

The CSP offers workshops, interactive learning sessions, and individual support for exploring content, processes, and thinking skills to maximize our students’ success. The CSP serves all students in the College of Medicine by providing programs to help promote effective and efficient life-long learning. The CSP also provides remediation services for students who are struggling academically.

Programs are provided throughout the year based on student needs and interests, including:

  • Study skills sessions, such as time management, studying and test-taking strategies
  • Remediation and support for learning
  • Strategies for content boosting
  • Using technology to enhance learning
  • The learning process and effective strategies for learning
  • Collaboration and approaches for successful group learning

Through these and other engaging and transformative program offerings, students can learn how language, thinking, and metacognition directly impact their knowledge and understanding.

The CSP supports and empowers all students in developing essential skills, provides opportunities for applying these skills to relevant content, and guides students in implementing strategies for success at the College of Medicine.

Contact the Program

Contact Jennifer Meka, PhD, Director of Cognitive Skills Program, Office of Student Affairs, at 717-531-0003, ext. 287646 or