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Acting Internship Expand answer

SURG 740 – Urology Acting Internship

Credits: 5 credits

Course director: Amy S. Burns, MD

Course coordinator: Danielle Shreiner; dshreiner@pennstatehealth.psu.edu717-531-1131

Location: Hershey

Prerequisites: Successful completion of all Phase II core clerkships and requirements

Maximum number of students: One

When offered: All rotations

Length of course: One month

Description: In-depth experience in evaluation and management of patients with adult and pediatric urologic problems. Specific concentration in pediatric urology, female urology, kidney and ureteral stones, oncology, or kidney stones is available. This fourth year acting internship is for the student who wishes a more intensive exposure to Urology. The time distribution is negotiable and a particular student interest in research or specific area of Urology can be accommodated.

How to Apply for Rotation Expand answer

This program is participating in the standardization of invitations to medical students for away/visiting rotations through the Society of Academic Urologists. Please apply through VSOL and your application will be reviewed.

May 9, 2022: Invitations are extended to students
May 13, 2022: Students must either accept or decline invitation
May 16, 2022: Open invitations extended on rolling basis to fill remaining spots