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Student Support Services

The College of Medicine devotes a great deal of energy to developing students outside the classroom.

Two specific programs included in Penn State’s student development resources are Careers in Medicine and the Societies Program. The College of Medicine has incorporated the Careers in Medicine program developed by the Association of American Medical Colleges into a comprehensive career development program that is coordinated by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs.

The Careers in Medicine program at the College of Medicine is student-run. Over the years, multiple resources have been created to help students, including fall and spring career fairs, specialty videos, a registry survey and connections with alumni.

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The Societies program is an important component of the student development system designed to provide support and guidance during all phases of a student’s medical school career.

Each entering student is assigned to a faculty adviser. The faculty adviser assists with the initial adjustment to medical school, provides advice and counsel on academic and non-academic issues, and helps the student identify resources to assist with career interests and professional goals.

The Societies program is a vital part of the Penn State experience. It is one of many opportunities for students to develop close and personal relationships with faculty outside the classroom.

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Health care is available to medical, graduate and nursing students and their families through the Office of Student Health, based in the Department of Family and Community Medicine. Comprehensive primary services are provided, as well as a confidential counseling system.