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MSR Awards Application

Use the online form below to apply for MSR awards.

Penn State MSR Student Award Application

Personal Information

Your proposal must be submitted by the April 1 deadline in order to be considered.
Proposal submission

If you have not yet submitted your proposal, you must also submit the MSR Student Proposal Submission Form before the application deadline. Applications without proposals will not be considered.

Please have your advisor submit the MSR Advisor Proposal Review form for your proposal. While this is not required for award consideration, it is very helpful to the committee members reviewing your proposal.
Awards Information
Although you can apply for several of these opportunities, only one grant will be awarded for any proposal. Please refer to the MSR website for qualifications and restrictions for each award.
Use the fields below to indicate in which category or categories your proposal would qualify. 

Typing your name in the field below serves as an electronic signature signifying your declaration of the verity of the information contained on this form. 

If you need assistance filling out this form, please contact the MSR Administrator.