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MSR Report – Student

Medical Student Research Program (MSR) Report - Student

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In the box below, please include your specific involvement in
  • The research
  • Data collection
  • Writing of the manuscript (specifically, which sections you were involved in authoring.)
    • Abstract
    • Introduction (containing a statement of the problem and background information)
    • Specific Aims/Objectives
    • Methods/Subjects
    • Results
    • Conclusion(s)
    • Discussion
    • References


Public Access
The intellectual property contained in the student's MSR report will be made available for public access after the student graduates. If there needs to be a delay in access to accommodate pending patent or publication efforts, please select the appropriate embargo time below.

I attest that my contribution to this project is described accurately, and that my MSR report was written entirely by me, and not copied from my adviser's work or any other source.

If you need assistance filling out this form, please contact the MSR Administrator.