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Early Career Exploration Program

Purpose of the Program

The primary goal of this program is to provide medical students in Phase One of the curriculum an opportunity to gain early exposure and experience in areas of medicine in which they may have an interest or want to explore. Students are encouraged to seek broad exposure to specialties in order to get a taste of a variety of practice options early in their medical careers.

How does the program work?

A list of faculty contacts in each department is attached. Medical students in Phase One of the curriculum are free to email the faculty contact person to express their interest in that specialty and to request a shadowing opportunity. This will allow the student to be connected with a faculty member to shadow.  Following that experience, the student may set up a separate meeting with a specific faculty member to further discuss the students clinical or research interests, or they may agree that no further meetings are necessary. Students are encouraged to fully utilize this program by contacting faculty from all specialties in which they may have an interest.

What role can Student Interest Groups play in early career development?

At the Penn State College of Medicine we have many student led specialty interest groups. These groups should be viewed, and used, as a gateway to the specialty. We strongly encourage students to begin their career exploration by first attending meetings of the specialty interest group. In particular, these groups hold periodic group meetings that serve as a broad introduction to a specialty.

Contact List by Department