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Non-Degree Students

If you do not intend to pursue a graduate degree at this time, but want to take graduate-level courses for personal enrichment, professional development, a graduate certificate, or might later want to apply for degree status, you can seek admission as a non-degree student.

To enroll in College of Medicine graduate courses you must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited US institution (or equivalent degree from a non-US institution), and you must receive permission from the course instructor, who will determine if you have the appropriate background to be successful in the course.

Please note that changing from graduate non-degree status to regular status requires a new admission application. If you choose to enter Penn State as a graduate non-degree student, you must understand that no more than 15 credits of course work accumulated in non-degree status can count toward a graduate degree. Also, admission as a non-degree student does not guarantee admission to a graduate degree or certificate program. Finally, non-degree students are not eligible to receive fellowships or graduate assistantships and preference for courses is given to degree students. Programs control access to some courses.

Individuals interested in taking graduate courses as a non-degree student at the College of Medicine must
complete a Penn State University non-degree application. Please note, the non-degree application fee is non-refundable. Apply here for non-degree admission.

To enroll in courses at Penn State College of Medicine as a non-degree student, contact the Office of Graduate Education at

For access to computers at the College of Medicine, complete a Penn State Access Account Request Form. These forms are available at the Harrell Health Sciences Library front desk.  Complete section 3 and sign pages 1 and 2; submit completed form to the Office of Graduate Education in Room C1712.

If you do not have a PSU ID, contact for more information.

Federal financial aid is not available for non-degree students. Additional information can be found on the Penn State Office of Student Aid website.