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Commencement Awards

The Moskowitz Family Award and the Dean’s Award for Graduate Education are presented at Commencement to recognize the outstanding scholarly achievement of graduate students who have completed their degrees at the Penn State College of Medicine.

The awards are based upon students’ research and academic achievements, evidence of research productivity, leadership qualities, overcoming adversity, and on application/nomination statements from the graduate faculty adviser.

Advisers wishing to nominate a student for consideration should complete the form below.

Commencement Awards

Please enter NOMINATOR information here.

Please enter NOMINEE information here. All files must be in PDF format. Most reports are available through the program departmental secretary.

Each nominee student's CV must be provided. The CV should include:
  • Academic accomplishments
  • Internship experiences
  • Publications
  • Presentations
  • Volunteer work completed since student enrolled in the College of Medicine

Please explicitly describe the importance to the field of the research accomplished

Each nominee must have a personal statement that includes:
  • How achieving the degree will forward the student's interests and career goals
  • How the student differentiates themselves from other students through accomplishments
  • How the student plans to maintain a Penn State alumni connection