Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a group of students made up of elected and appointed students who help run student life at Penn State College of Medicine. The GSA helps to facilitate communication between the student body and program administration, as well as coordinate events such as the annual Research Forum to provide educational opportunities for all members of the Penn State College of Medicine community. Members of the GSA also try to help new students adjust to graduate school life through social and academic services.

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) executive and committee chairs are available to help you with any questions you may have. The GSA can assist you with most services available at Penn State. They can help you navigate campus and various offices around campus, or help find other student or local organizations.

GSA will also assist in finding answers to any questions you might have. Many University offices routinely refer students to GSA for questions on just about any subject. Any student who has a question for which they cannot find an answer should feel free to contact any one of the GSA executives listed below.

The GSA also welcomes volunteers to help with various GSA projects and we look forward to your suggestions to help us better serve Penn State graduate students. For ways to get involved in GSA, please contact a member of the executive board or one of our committee chairs.

See graduate student events.
Six dots arranged in an arc over the words "active minds" in blue and green on two lines, with letter "i" in each word replaced with a representational graphic of a person.

Active Minds

The Issue: Student mental heath issues can be considered a weakness and shameful, and discussion may be discouraged. Some individuals feel they are the only ones suffering and keep silent.

The Goal: Beat the negative, social stigma about mental health issues. Provide students with a safe environment where they are surrounded by those, in their community, who may struggle with the same issues or know someone who does. most importantly, provide and receive support and positive acknowledgement to and from the student community by letting others know they are not alone.

Active Minds plans to host its first meeting in the BMR Student Lounge on Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018, from 5-6 p.m.

Contact Rachel Standford for more details.

Graduate Women in Science

GWIS is the Hershey Chapter of the national organization Graduate Women in Science. The mission of GWIS is to promote the advancement of women in science. The club has three main foci:

  1. Professional development
  2. Scientific outreach
  3. Uniting women on campus

We accomplish these through monthly events. Members also meet monthly to organize events, practice oral presentations, and discuss topics pertaining to women in science.

Contact Melanie Eshelman for more details.

Hershey Medical Consulting Group

A professional development group for advanced degree students and post-docs who are interested in careers in management consulting. Our team of cross-trained professionals excel at quantitative analysis and problem solving, which are valuable skills in consultants.

HMCG aims to prepare students for consulting careers through real-world consulting experiences, case study workshops, educational talks from consultants and networking opportunities.

Contact TJ Iyyanki for more details.

Toasteaters of Hershey

Toasteaters of Hershey is an inclusive group of people who meet for free to develop communication and leadership skills. We welcome all graduate students at the College of Medicine to join our meetings to practice their public speaking skills. Our aims are to enhance confidence, fluency and strategic messaging when addressing audiences and fielding questions. We are a supportive club where at each session all members will have opportunities to hone their skills among friends in a semi-silly and judgment-free environment. Our motto is “panis et butirum” or “bread and butter,” because at our meetings we “toast” each other by eating toast (gluten-free available).

Contact Ernie Wang or Martin Johnson for more details.