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Graduate Student Awards

Penn State College of Medicine recognizes graduate students for their outstanding academic and research achievements and contributions to the campus community. Graduate faculty and students nominate exceptional individuals for the awards and scholarships.

Graduate Student Awards are open to all graduate students.

Award Nomination Form


All applications must be submitted by Sept. 29, 2023. Late submissions will not be considered.

Selection Procedure

The Graduate Education Awards Committee selects the recipients of these awards. Please note that master’s degree students are considered separately from doctoral students.

Scholarships will be awarded in the fall.

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List of Awards

Charles W. Hill Graduate Excellence Award

Dr. Charles (Chuck) Hill was one of the original faculty of the Department of Biological Chemistry, now Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, at Penn State College of Medicine. Arriving in 1969, Hill was a “triple threat,” respected for his research, leadership and teaching. His success in making very difficult material readily understandable and mentoring students through the rigors of becoming successful independent scientists was legendary throughout the College. Upon his retirement in 2000 and in tribute to his dedication to the success of graduate students, the faculty of this department endowed the Charles W. Hill Graduate Excellence Award as a yearly recognition for an outstanding graduate student in the department. 

Patrick G. Quinn Award for Outstanding Performance by a Post-Comprehensive PhD

Dr. Patrick G. Quinn was a professor in the Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology for 26 years. This award is given to a candidate in the Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology in his memory.

Richard J. Courtney Graduate Student Award

This award is named for Dr. Richard Courtney, former chair of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, distinguished educator and professor emeritus. Courtney was a highly esteemed and cherished leader, investigator and teacher at Penn State College of Medicine, recruited in 1991 as professor and chair. He retired in early 2012 and touched so many lives during those 20 years. Colleagues described him as a generous and self-effacing man who, through his gentle demeanor, wise counsel and unwavering commitment to science and education, became a mentor to students and associates alike. 

Graduate Alumni Society Award

Awarded to individuals who have achieved the milestones of their degree expectations and have additionally provided their colleagues and our community with examples of involvement above and beyond the expected.

Graduate Alumni Endowed Scholarship

Recognizes students who have made contributions to our campus that had a positive impact on their graduate colleagues and classmates.

Karl H. Beyer Jr., MD, PhD Scholarship

Given to students who show dedication to the enrichment of their academic area of interest, as well as for their contributions to our campus, the community and our disciplines. 

Graduate Student Research Forum Leadership Award

For leadership and dedication to providing all graduate students and graduate faculty with an opportunity to share their research in the Graduate Student Association Forum.