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Graduate Student Research Forum

The Graduate Student Research Forum is sponsored by the Graduate Student Association of Penn State College of Medicine.

The primary goal of the Forum is to promote interaction and the exchange of ideas between students, faculty and alumni.

The Forum introduces students to the format generally used at scientific meetings, and it provides an opportunity to recognize excellence in graduate research at Penn State College of Medicine.

Forum 2022 will take place March 3 and 4

As part of the Graduate Student Research Forum, student lectures, poster presentations and 3-minute thesis presentations will take place, as well as a keynote presentation by the invited speaker, Dr. Lyndon Mitnaul.

Use the button below to find out more or to enroll. Need help with enrollment? Contact Mariam Melkumyan at or Gaelyn Lyons at

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Forum endowment

The Graduate Student Research Forum Endowed Fund helps to elevate Forum each year through assisting with costs associated with invited keynote speaker travel needs and equipment such as presentation panel rentals.

Anyone can help support Forum through giving.

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A microscopic image

The artwork was submitted by Kaitlin Carson, a third-year neuroscience PhD student. The image is of the paraventricular nucleus (PVN) of the hypothalamus with oxytocin+ (magenta) and cholera toxin B+ (green) neurons visualized.

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