Graduate Student FAQs

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How do I resume study, change my degree or change my major? Expand answer

All of this is done through the Graduate School registrar. You can find the form for changing your academic status at their website.

What are the procedures for Graduate Assistant Paid Leave? Expand answer

The guidelines for Graduate Assistant Paid Leave can be found at the Graduate School at Penn State’s website.

The Penn State College of Medicine policy on Graduate Assistant Paid Leave can be found here on the Infonet (internal access only).

For new parent accommodations, please complete this online form. Note that after you complete the form, an email is sent to your advisor; they must take action to approve your request, so please work with them to ensure that is completed so your request can be processed.

What must I complete when my doctoral committee meets? Expand answer

You must complete the Doctoral Committee Meeting Report after each meeting and return it to Kathy Shuey. Please contact her at for a copy of the form.

What is the latest information on Executive Orders about travel bans and immigration? Expand answer

The President of the United States has signed several Executive Orders (EO) on immigration which may impact members of our Penn State international community. Global Programs is committed to serving our Penn State international students, faculty and scholars. Click here for the latest information pertaining to these Executive Orders.