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What is the Cognitive Skills Program? Expand answer

The Cognitive Skills Program (CSP) provides medical students with instruction and consultation to develop study strategies, time management, and test-taking skills. The CSP offers workshops, interactive learning sessions, and individual support for exploring content, processes, and thinking skills to maximize student success.

Who uses the Cognitive Skills Program? Expand answer

The Cognitive Skills Program (CSP) provides comprehensive cognitive skills development and learning support to medical, graduate, and PA students on the Hershey Campus of the Penn State College of Medicine.

Students visit the CSP for a variety of reasons including: to learn better ways to study, for support in developing a study plan for an upcoming course exam or shelf exam, to practice effective test-taking strategies, or to learn more about learning in general.

The CSP serves all students in the College of Medicine by providing programs to help promote effective and efficient life-long learning. In addition, remediation services are provided for students who are struggling academically.

Should I know what I need before I go to the CSP? Expand answer

You will discuss your current study habits and test-taking approaches during your first meeting. If you have concerns or ideas about areas you would like to focus on improving, you can discuss them during your visit.

What should I bring with me to my meeting? Expand answer

The more we know about your work and learning approaches, the better we can help you. We recommend that you bring any or all of the following items:

  • Course documents/relevant handouts
  • Calendar, planner, or schedule
  • Current notes from lecture or reading
  • Your questions (if you have any).
Will my professors be notified that I am using the CSP? Expand answer

No. We will not discuss your use of the CSP without your consent.

Can the CSP help me with the content of the course that I am currently taking? Expand answer

No. The CSP focuses on strategies and approaches to thinking and learning. We can share suggestions for using these strategies within your current courses. If you need assistance with course content, you should contact the course director or Student Affairs for tutoring services.

Can my study group meet with someone at the CSP? Expand answer

Absolutely! We can work with you and your study group to organize and manage time, activities, and develop a plan for studying as well as effective strategies for group work and collaboration.