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Internet Access

All University Manor Apartments provide wireless data connectivity through Xfinity. This service also includes Internet-based TV service at no additional charge.

Appropriate virus protection is required before accessing the internet. If you need antivirus software, it can be downloaded at no charge via the Penn State ITS Downloads page.

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Internet Information

Wireless Connections Expand answer

First-Time Setup

When you move into your apartment, you will receive an email invitation to get connected to the Xfinity network. This email will be sent to your Penn State University or Penn State Health email address as appropriate. Click get started in the email and follow the set-up instructions provided by Housing Services in your key packet to receive your network password.

For technical support during the setup process, call Xfinity Support at 1-855-638-2855.

Guest Network

Your guests may access Wi-Fi by connecting to the Housing Guest network, which is available in each apartment.

Xfinity Mobile Apps

After getting connected to your network, we recommend downloading the following Xfinity apps, which will help you get the most out of your Xfinity service:

  • Xfinity App
    • View your network name and credential
    • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Xfinity Stream App
    • Watch live TV
    • Watch online TV while outside of your network through TV Go
  • My Account App
    • Locate account number
    • Get quick support through chat option
Support Expand answer

Connectivity issues should be referred to the Xfinity service team at 1-855-638-2855.

Upon calling the Xfinity service team, inform the representative of the issue you are experiencing. If the issue is occurring on a specific device, provide the hardware or MAC (media access control) address for the device. You may perform a Google search to find out how to locate this information for your device (for example, search for “how to find MAC address for iPhone” or “how to find MAC address Windows 10.” The Technical Support representative will determine if the problem is isolated to your jack/connection or related to a general internet issue.

Accessing College of Medicine Resources Expand answer

Wireless connection to the PSHMC Network inside of the University Manor East and University Manor West housing complexes is available through the Remote Access Portal (RAP). Resources can be reached directly while inside the main building complex at Penn State College of Medicine/Hershey Medical Center.

Applications accessible on the RAP on a per-user basis. Access to the RAP is limited to valid ePass account owners.

In order to access the Remote Access Portal (RAP) you must first complete DUO Security Enrollment.

  • Access to PSHMC resources is via a Remote Access Portal (RAP). To access the RAP type the following in your browser’s address field:
  • You will be prompted for your ePass credentials, followed by the prompt for DUO authentication as explained in item 1. If you have any questions or experience any issues with your password or access to this site, call the Technical Support Center at 6281.
  • A list of available applications, System Requirements, and a Remote Access Troubleshooting guide can be found on the Harrell Library website.
Policies Expand answer

Listed below are the applicable policies governing tenant use and access to the Internet and other PSHMC resources.