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Emergency Information

Fire Extinguishers Expand answer

Every University Manor apartment is equipped with 5 lb ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher.

If you discover a fire, use RACE:

  • Rescue persons in immediate danger to safety. Warn others who are close to the fire.
  • Alarm the area by pulling the nearest fire alarm box AND dial the fire emergency phone number (717-531-8888 or 911). Give as much information to the call taker about the emergency and the exact type and location of the emergency.
  • Confine the fire and smoke by closing all doors and windows. DO NOT lock closed doors. DO NOT turn off lights.
  • Extinguish/Evacuate – If you have been trained and can do so safely, you may use a fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire.
Fire Alarm Response Expand answer

Non-emergency situation

Should your apartment alarm system go off in a non-emergency situation (smoke from cooking), call the Building Operations Center (BOC) at extension 8888. Once BOC has determined that the alarm event does not require a response from the local fire department they will reset the apartment alarm system, which will cause the apartment alarm to be silenced.

If BOC receives an alarm signal and the tenant does not contact them, they will:

  1. Try to call the apartment
  2. If contact cannot be established they will dispatch Security and Housing staff to investigate
  3. Dispatch the local fire department.

Tenants are required to have a phone plugged into a wall jack within the apartment at all times.

The apartment tenant(s) will be liable for any fines levied by the local fire department for responding to a false alarm.

Emergency situation

If your apartment alarm system activates due to an emergency:

  • If possible contact BOC at extension 8888 and provide details on the extent of the emergency.
  • Ensure all occupants evacuate of your apartment.
  • Make sure the rest of the occupants of your building are notified of the situation.
  • Locate the closest fire pull box to send in a second alarm.
Emergency Phones Expand answer

Emergency phones have been installed at both Housing complexes. Activating a phone will immediately connect the caller to Campus Security.

Six emergency phones have been installed throughout the Manor East Student Housing Complex.

Three emergency phones have been installed throughout the Manor West Student Housing Complex.

Fire Detection System Expand answer

All University Manor East and West apartments are equipped with an automatic fire and smoke detection system. The system is monitored 24 hours a day. All alarms are reported immediately to our Building Operations Center (B.O.C.) who will dispatch the fire department, if warranted.

Smoke detectors are located in each apartment. The tone of the detector is quite shrill and may be disturbing. You are advised to leave the apartment or go to the patio until the alarm is reset. The smoke detector has a small red or green light which blinks on and off continuously. This means that the system has power and is operational. There is no mechanism available for you to check the detector without causing an alarm to be sent to the monitoring company and, subsequently, dispatching the fire department. A bell mounted on the exterior of the building provides an audible warning to the other occupants of your building. However, under true fire conditions you should also try to warn the other tenants. A strobe light is mounted below the bell. Its purpose is to aid the fire department in locating the proper apartment.

Tenants will not remove, disable, cover, or in any way tamper with installed fire detection and fire suppression systems and/or equipment. Any such action taken by the Tenant or the Tenant’s family or guest will be considered a breach of this Lease Agreement and will result in termination of this Agreement.

In compliance with state and local fire codes building fire alarm and prevention systems must be functionally tested. This testing requires the activation of detection devices within each apartment, the building interior, and the building exterior.

Entry into each apartment will be required to comply with this testing requirement.

Tenants will be given advance email notification of when this testing will occur.

The fire alarm system is constantly monitored.

Removal/Tampering Expand answer

Fire Detection System

Removing, covering any part of the detector, or attaching anything to a detector is a violation of the Lease Agreement and will lead to the termination of the Lease.

Removing, covering, or modifying any component(s) of the fire alarm system will cause a trouble signal to be sent to the Building Operation Center (BOC). BOC will then dispatch a Housing Mechanic or a Security Officer to investigate the cause of the trouble indication.

Fire Suppression System

Covering, obstructing the spray pattern, attaching anything to, or hanging anything from a sprinkler head is a violation of the Lease Agreement and will lead to the termination of the Lease.