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Housing Applications


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Apply for Penn State College of Medicine student housing

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Assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis by the date of request for occupancy, then by date of receipt. We attempt to satisfy requests for type of apartment, roommate preferences, second floor apartments, etc.

A member of the staff may mail, e-mail, or fax prospective tenants the necessary application upon request. Due to the overwhelming demand for accommodations at the University Manor Apartments, applicants are advised to submit their applications to the Housing Office as soon as they are aware of their need for housing on the Penn State College of Medicine campus. The Housing staff, without a requested date of occupancy, cannot process applications. Do not send any money until you receive your assignment!

Note to Medical and Graduate Students: Housing assignments are made in late May and through mid-July, as apartments become available. The chances for on-campus assignment are better when an early date of occupancy is requested. Most vacating apartments are available for occupancy mid-June to early July after graduating students and residents completing their education and training have vacated.

Roommates are paired by request from applications when possible, or by considering the following factors: gender, applicant category (medical student, graduate student, or resident), and class (first year, second year, etc.).

Nursing assignments are made as per assignment schedule as directed by the Penn State College of Nursing.

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Application Details

Required Vaccines Expand answer

The Pennsylvania State Legislature passed the College and University Student Vaccination Act on June 26, 2002, and Governor Mark Schweiker signed the Act into law. This Act directly affects all students that will be residing in on-campus housing accommodations in Pennsylvania.

The Act has the following key elements:

  • It requires institutions of higher education to provide information to students residing in on-campus housing accommodations on the risks associated with meningococcal disease (meningitis is just one form of this disease), and the availability and effectiveness of the vaccine.
  • It prohibits students who have not received the immunization or submitted the exemption waiver from living in University-owned housing accommodations.
  • It allows for an exception procedure. A student, or a parent or guardian of a student under the age of 18, can sign a written waiver stating that the information was received and reviewed, and that the vaccination was declined for religious or other reasons. The University may permit the student to then reside in on-campus housing accommodations once the waiver is received.

In order for Penn State University to comply with this law, all on-campus students must have a form on file. Forms must be received prior to the student moving into on-campus accommodations. Failure to return this form will result in the student not being permitted to stay in on-campus housing facilities.

Please indicate on the form one of the following options:

  • Section B: Your health care provider signs the form indicating that you have received the vaccination.
  • Section C1: You have attached documentation indicating that you have received the vaccination.
  • Section C2: You have received the vaccination at another Penn State campus, and have recorded the information on the University Health Form that is filed at that campus.
  • Section D: You are requesting an exception from the immunization requirement.

Please return the completed form to the Housing Office within 24 hours. If you do not have a proof of vaccination form with you and/or it is not on file with Penn State University, please sign the waiver.

For further information, please contact Housing Services at (717) 531-8210. For health-related questions, please contact your health care provider or Student Health Services at (717) 531-5998. Additional information is also available at Penn State’s Student Health Services Immunization site.

Click here for more on the meningococcal virus.

Waiting Lists Expand answer

Waiting lists are maintained for each type of apartment (1-, 2- or 3-bedroom) located within the University Manor East Student Housing Complex. Prospective tenants who meet the eligibility requirements for occupying each apartment type can be added to the waiting list by contacting the Housing Office.

All requests to be added to or removed from the applicable waiting list must be submitted to the Housing Office in writing.

As apartments become available, Housing Office Staff will refer to the applicable waiting list and contact the first person on the list. Individuals will be allotted 24 hours to decide if they are interested in residing in the apartment that is available.

If the individual accepts the assignment, the Housing Office Staff will prepare the necessary paperwork and establish a date for the assignment. If the individual refuses the assignment, their name will remain on the waiting list.

Individuals will be contacted annually to inquire as to their current desire/wish to remain on the associated waiting list.