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Cleaning Guide

For the tenant who is leaving the area, we sincerely hope that your experience at Hershey has been a happy and rewarding one. You will be vacating your apartment in the near future. As a matter of information, we would like to remind you of your responsibility in the check-out procedure.

As a reminder, all furniture and personal belongings must be removed and the apartment cleaned prior to your scheduled inspection. All occupants of an apartment are jointly responsible for the care and maintenance of common areas in the apartment. Therefore, charges for damages and cleaning will be divided equally between the occupants after the scheduled inspection. Each tenant is responsible for the cleaning and damages to his/her bedroom. The cleaning and damage charges will be deducted from the occupant’s security deposit; however, if not sufficient, you will be billed for the balance.

Keys and Parking Stickers

Keys and parking sticker(s) must be returned to the Housing Office by 4:00 p.m. on vacate date or you will be charged without further notification or recourse. Note: If your departure is after normal business hours or on a holiday, you may deposit your apartment key(s) in the gray drop box located immediately outside the Housing Office front door, University Manor West; otherwise, please drop off your apartment keys at the Housing Office when you depart campus. Do not give your keys to anyone scheduled to move into your apartment.

Failure to return key(s) and parking sticker(s) will result in a $100 (apartment entry door), $15 (each bedroom door), $15 (mail box key), and $25 (each parking sticker) replacement fee that will be billed to the tenant.

Security Deposit

Most tenants would like to know what they should do to their apartment in order to have their security deposit returned. The answer to that question is simple. Make sure your apartment is cleaned by following our cleaning list; make an appointment to accompany the inspector on his/her inspection; be sure your rent fees and other charges are paid; and keys and parking sticker(s) are returned to the Housing Office.


We suggest that you complete a Change of Address Form for the United States Post Office to forward your mail. Without a forwarding address, the Post Office will return your mail to sender. You may fill out a Change of Address form at or request a Change of Address form from the U.S. Post Office or from the Housing Office. The Housing Office will also need this forwarding address for refunding your Security Deposit.

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We intend to be fair and reasonable in those charges that we may make against your security deposit for necessary cleaning, repairs, and/or damages. Tenants who have had good housekeeping habits throughout their stay often have their entire deposit returned, but some will find that although a crash cleaning program will make their cost less, it often does not return the apartment to acceptable standards. To correct this, tenants will be charged only the necessary cost to bring their apartment up to standards. Dirt is not wear and tear – if cleaning makes it look better, it was dirty not worn.

The following are the most overlooked areas to which you should pay particular attention. You will find some helpful hints in parentheses.


After cleaning the freezer section, clean the entire refrigerator and freezer, inside and outside, make sure that the ice trays and butter dishes are clean and in usable condition. Please do not turn off the refrigerator.

Pull out then unplug the cord, clean the top including burner rings and trays, clean the oven and the racks, pay particular attention to the corners and rack holders, including the walls and the oven door. Wash the outside of the range including the walls (use hot water with any general household cleaner around the unit). Use Easy-Off Oven Cleaner for inside the range.

Cabinets and Drawers
These should be 100% empty and wiped out with a damp cloth. Remove the grease film and finger marks from the outside of the cabinets (use warm water with Spic and Span cleaner or any mild, non-abrasive household cleaner).

Light Shades
Wipe with damp cloths.

Sink and Garbage Disposal
Wipe down with proper cleaning solution.

Counter Tops
Wipe down with general household cleaner.

Wipe down with general household cleaner.

Sweep and clean with proper cleaning items.

Washer/Dryer (East only)

Wipe outside, clean lint trap.

Exhaust Fan
Remove and clean cover, wipe off blades.


Scrub the toilet inside and out. Don’t forget the rim in the bowl. Please remove any dispenser left in the tank (i.e. Tidy Bowl).

Medicine Cabinet
Wipe down inside and outside including glass shelves (Use water and a cotton swab to clean the tracks).

Tub and Shower Walls
Use non-abrasive cleaner (Tilex or X-14 soap scum remover for walls/Tilex or X-14 mildew remover for grout).

Clean (Use window cleaner).

Use any non-abrasive cleaner.

Spigots and Faucets
Wipe down with general household cleaner.

Counter Tops
Wipe down with general household cleaner.

Sweep and clean with proper cleaning items.

Exhaust Fan
Remove and clean cover.


Bookshelves and Desk
Wipe down (Use Pledge or Endust).


All Windows
Clean inside, including tracks (Use Windex or ammonia and water solution).

Patio Windows
Clean inside and outside, including tracks (Use Windex or ammonia and water solution).

Wipe down the blinds (Dust cloth or Windex/all purpose cleaner).

All carpeting must be clean with no traffic marks and no furniture marks showing. If you must, shampoo to remove dirt and stains.

Utility Closet
Sink, under sink and shelves must be cleaned (Use Ajax at sink).

Closets and Closet Doors
Clean shelves, all wooden doors should be wiped down with Endust, Pledge, or Murphy’s Oil Soap.

Sweep deck area.

Utility Shed (East Only)
Sweep out and clean all cobwebs (Be sure to remove all your belongings).

Mail Box
Wipe down inside and out.

Doors (Apartment Entrance & Shed)
Should be clean, marks of bicycle tires, etc. must be removed, any repainting due to abuse will be charged to tenant.

General reminders

  • Do not turn off your refrigerator
  • Do not turn off your Heat or Air Conditioner
  • Do not leave windows open or door unlocked

When moving, flatbed hand trucks are available within the complex for your convenience. To avoid possible damage to automobiles, please do not abandon flatbed hand trucks in parking lots. Please return them to the interior of the complex.

It is unlawful to drive a motor vehicle within the University Manor Complex.

Discarding Furniture

If you have furniture you wish to discard, please place the furniture items near the southeast corner of the Eastmoor Barn. If you have any other questions, please contact the Housing Office at extension 8210.

Thank you for your cooperation.