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Medical Supply Shortage Solutions

Penn State College of Medicine students with ideas for new task forces and students/faculty from external institutions with questions or feedback are encouraged to contact the directors using button below.

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Students will assist Penn State’s Center for Medical Innovation (CMI), MASC Engineering Team at University Park and internal procurement channels to obtain medical supplies that are in critical shortage (as determined by Penn State Health leadership) and develop new alternatives for fulfilling these needs. Medical students will engage in research activities that propel adoption of new techniques or fulfillment of medical supply limitations.


Initially, students will assist in determining the current availability of supplies through established procurement workflows by providing internal teams with vendor information, policy research and FDA approved alternatives to most rapidly fill supply shortages. Next, medical students will provide faculty and staff with research support to propel work streams through the innovation process in collaboration with CMI and the MASC team for ultimate use at Penn State Health.

Execution Plan

Medical students will be paired with associated faculty and staff at Hershey Medical Center (HMC) and University Park based on device workstreams already in place. Students will support activities including but not limited to aggregating vendor information, supporting research around product design/development efforts and knowledge capture/curation to help share practices and protocols internally and to external sites in the future.

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