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Medical Education

Penn State College of Medicine students with ideas for new task forces and students/faculty from external institutions with questions or feedback are encouraged to contact the directors using button below.

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The COVID-19 crisis imposes serious challenges to the execution of medical education regardless whether a student is in pre-clinical courses or immersive clerkship experiences. Due to safety and resource concerns that have arisen in the setting of COVID-19, modified education experiences and modes of delivery are required. This task force will work with teams to modify education experiences at Penn State such that medical education is not interrupted in these challenging times.

Participating in this activity will give students practical experience in medical education as well as a framework to understand education theory in an applied setting. In addition, this experience will allow students to co-create courses to further the education of their peers while assisting clinician-educators in their course correction so that they may also focus on patient-care responsibilities.


Syllabi generated by this course with associated learning objectives, assessment tools, and student products will be made available.

Execution Plan

  1. Students will be assigned to work with a faculty lead on either a course or a subsection of a course.
  2. Students will work with faculty to generate a syllabus and relevant learning objectives, appropriate teaching materials (technological resources, create lesson plans, etc).
  3. New courses will require approval of relevant oversight bodies prior to implementation.
  4. Modifications to existing courses will maximize student learning while students are not participating in patient care in point-of-contact settings.

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