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Hospital Volunteer Outreach

Penn State College of Medicine students with ideas for new task forces and students/faculty from external institutions with questions or feedback are encouraged to contact the directors using button below.

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Students will assist in reaching out to the volunteers of Penn State Health to help mitigate social isolation during the pandemic by giving adult volunteers an avenue of social contact. Medical students will spend time getting to know and befriend our hospital volunteers, learning their stories and getting to know members of our health system that they may not normally interact with on a day-to-day basis of clinical care and learning. Students may also help assist/direct volunteers to appropriate resources if they have medical or food security concerns.


Volunteers will determine the end point depending on the level of social outreach they desire from medical students dependent on their respective social support systems.

Execution Plan

  1. Medical student volunteers will remotely contact hospital volunteers, with contact information drawn from the health system database. Each student will be responsible for maintaining contact with approximately 10 volunteers.
  2. Students will initiate initial point of contact with the goal of social outreach and to get to know and learn the stories of the hospital volunteers that contribute to the Penn State Health community.
  3. If a volunteer expresses food safety concerns, students will be able to direct volunteers to the Central Area Food Bank (717-564-1700)
  4. If a volunteer expresses a medical concern, students will be able to direct volunteers to first contact their primary care provider and then the Community Call Center at Penn State Health (717-531-0000, ext.7283 or 717-531-0000, ext. 321951)

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