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Pathology Interest Group

The Pathology Interest Group is dedicated in providing diverse opportunities that will enhance interest in pathology among Penn State College of Medicine students.

The group’s mission:

  • To educate members about different career topics in pathology such as various specialties, work environments, and career trajectories
  • To provide learning opportunities in pathology for students such as introductory histology sessions, pathology-based USMLE review sessions, and relevant educational field trips or tours
  • To promote clinical skills sessions such as autopsy shadowing/scribing, slide conferences, and reading pathology reports
  • To introduce students to research and funding opportunities available through the Department of Pathology and external sources
  • To encourage students to become involved in service projects initiated by the club



  • Autopsy viewings (shadowing and scribing)
  • Career exploration, networking, and social events
  • Educational events (histology reviews, interesting case presentations, forensic talks, and reading a pathology report)
  • Research panels to learn individual and group research opportunities
  • Skills nights (fine needle aspiration, dissections, and commonly used techniques in pathology)
  • Service projects (blood and bone marrow donation)