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MD Student Information

Welcome to Penn State College of Medicine!

On behalf of students, faculty, and staff, we welcome you. All of us are busy preparing for your arrival. Orientation begins in mid-July. Participation in all Orientation activities is required by the College of Medicine in order to adequately prepare students for the successful transition to medical school. We look forward to spending this time with you.

In 2013, we developed a societies model for teaching clinical skills and long-term student advising. The societies model provides structure for on-going student support through contiguous relationships with faculty and others, allows for professional role modeling, and enables support and guidance to appropriate resources in times of need. Students will be introduced to their society on the first day of orientation.

Upon completion of orientation activities, you will participate in your first medical school course, the “Profession of Medicine.” The Profession of Medicine course is a two-week course that provides a prologue to your medical school experience by introducing team building and communication skills, introduces students to core aspects of the profession of medicine and encourages life-long learning and a reflective practice.

The Profession of Medicine course and Orientation will culminate at the end of July with the White Coat Ceremony. This is a special day in your transition to medical school. During the morning hours, a program has been developed for parents, spouses, partners, family, and friends. It will provide important information about all aspects of your medical school experience and the resources available in the College of Medicine community. The program aims to keep your support system in place while you are in medical school. During the afternoon, all are invited to attend the White Coat Ceremony for your formal induction into the College of Medicine. Please encourage your support network to spend the day with us and attend both programs.

The orientation agenda and other important information will be updated periodically throughout the next two weeks. We will also provide updated information and announcements by email, so please stay connected.

In closing, we look forward to having you join the College of Medicine community. Best wishes for an enjoyable and safe summer.


Office of Student Affairs

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Orientation Details

Pre-Orientation Expand answer
Orientation Checklist Expand answer
  • Annual Infection Prevention
  • Annual Safety Training HMC
  • HIPAA Compliance- All Other Learners
  • HMC and COM Confidentiality Agreement
  • OGC HIPAA Privacy and Information Protection
  • Recognizing and Preventing Violence
  • Surviving an Active Shooter Situation

More details for the orientation checklist will be provided at orientation. We will ask that these modules be completed by the end of July.