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PSU Publish Privacy Policy

A digital illustration of a printer. On a piece of paper coming out of it, the Penn State Nittany Lion shield is visible.

PSU Publish is an add-on for Google Sheets that allows you to send the Sheet ID of the document you have open to a server of your choosing. Penn State does not access or retain any information unless you send it to one of our servers. The add-on will check to see if the document in question is shared with a pre-approved Penn State account; if so, and there are no other recipients specified, that document’s Sheet ID will be sent to our server, where it will not be retained.

No other information is accessed by the add-on. It does not read, create, modify or delete any sheets. It only accesses the Sheet ID and the people with whom the document is shared when it is triggered, and does not store either of those pieces of information.

Penn State does not warranty nor indemnify anyone for the use of this add-on, and is not responsible for what users do with it.