Debt Management

Entrance loan counseling is provided for all new medical students borrowing educational loan funds while in attendance at the PSU College of Medicine. Counseling sessions are scheduled during first-year orientation and attendance is required.

Exit loan counseling is provided to graduating medical students, students going on leaves of absence or students who cease enrollment. Loan counseling is required of all graduating student loan borrowers prior to commencement. Small group sessions are scheduled throughout the spring semester. Students may register for one of these sessions.

Individual budget and loan counseling is provided throughout the year. Students may make an appointment with a financial aid counselor to discuss and review their personal budgets or loans.

Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., by calling 717-531-7052, email or visit the Office of Student Aid in BMR C1805.

Additional information on budgeting and loan management can be found on the American Association of Medical Colleges website.