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Phase IV: Roadmap to Residency

The schedule for Phase IV covers your time as an MS4 at Penn State College of Medicine.

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April Expand answer
  • Residency Preparation
  • Request letters of recommendation for residency application
  • Discussion of specialty based on Step 1 results
  • Request advisor in specialty in which you intend to apply for residency.
  • Start studying for USMLE Step 2 (CK & CS)
May Expand answer
  • Military Match applicants start to gather required paperwork
  • Take USMLE Exam (Step 2)
June Expand answer
  • Start researching residency programs using FREIDA and PSCOMs CiM residency resources
  • Schedule MSPE appointment
  • Full access to ERAS provided
  • Confirm specialty advisor (See below for description and contact information)


July Expand answer
  • Complete Away Electives
  • Send gentle reminders regarding letters of recommendation
  • Begin comparing residency programs and narrowing down the list of programs you plan to apply to.
  • Discuss your list of programs with your specialty advisor
  • Meet with your advisor
August Expand answer
  • Finalize personal statement & ERAS application
  • SF Match applicants submit CAS early in the month
  • Register for Canadian Match (if applicable)
  • Attend Mock Interview workshops for residency preparation (Aug-Oct)
September Expand answer
  • Submit your ERAS application to residency programs
  • Register for the NRMP
  • Submit Military Match Application


October Expand answer
  • All letters of Recommendation should be in ERAS by the end of this month
  • Start residency interviews
  • MSPE released to residency programs
  • Graduation information sent to students
November Expand answer
  • NRMP registration deadline (extra fee for registration after November)
  • Military Match rank lists due
  • Continue residency interviews
  • Complete Student Affairs survey regarding residency programs
December Expand answer
  • Military Match results released
  • Continue to meet with your specialty advisor to discuss your interviews and emerging rank order list


January Expand answer
  • Start creating Rank Order List in NRMPs R3 system
  • Rank List for SF Match & Urology Match due
  • Match results for SF Match & Urology Match released
  • Attend Rank Order List Workshops
  • Indicate intent to graduate
  • Meet with your advisor
February Expand answer
  • Rank Order list due on the NRMP
March Expand answer
  • Match Week
April Expand answer
  • Hospital Contracts
  • Licensing
May Expand answer
  • Graduation