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Phase II: Exploration

The schedule for Phase II covers your time as an MS2 at Penn State College of Medicine.

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August Expand answer
  • Plan activities with Student Organizations/Student Interest Groups
  • Update your CV
  • Complete AAMC Self Assessments: Medical Specialty Preference Inventory, Physician Values in Practice Scale, Physician Skills Inventory
  • Research shadowing opportunities with physicians in field of interest (at least two) using the ECEP
  • Attend Specialty Interest Group events throughout the year


October Expand answer
  • Set-up Meetings with Physicians in specialties that you are interested in. Prepare a list of questions to ask.
  • Start thinking about your third-year schedule.
  • Phase II Scheduling Process Begins
  • Meet with your advisor per FPCC schedule
November Expand answer
  • Attend Fall Career Fair.
December Expand answer
  • Release Phase II Schedule
  • Meet with your advisor per FPCC schedule


January Expand answer
  • Consider taking advantage of individual career counseling sessions offered throughout the year (society heads, student affairs).
February Expand answer
  • Hand over leadership/responsibilities for Student Organizations/Student Interest Groups; make sure all required paperwork is completed.
  • Meet with your advisor per FPCC schedule