Student Housing

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University Manor is a housing complex situated on the campus of Penn State College of Medicine at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

University Manor apartments are divided into two sections, University Manor East and University Manor West. University Manor East consists of 248 garden-style apartments. There are 24 one-bedroom apartments, 208 two-bedroom apartments, and 16 three-bedroom apartments. University Manor West consists of 31 four-bedroom (furnished) apartments. The four-bedroom suites have a closed hallway separating the bedrooms from the living area, allowing privacy to each tenant. All of the apartments are solidly constructed, designed to make them as soundproof and fireproof as possible.


To be eligible to lease a University Manor East or University Manor West apartment the applicant must be:

  • A full time Medical, Graduate, Physician Assistant, or Nursing Student; or,
  • A Medical Resident, Post-Doctoral Fellow, or Visiting Scholar; or,
  • Otherwise approved by the Dean’s Office.

The University reserves the right to deny or cancel a Housing lease for University-provided housing to an individual whose conduct and/or proven criminal record indicates a potential threat or danger to the University community, including students, campus residents, faculty, staff, guests, and visitors.


University Manor will not be held liable for the loss, damage, or theft of any personal property or for damage or injury occurring in the apartment or elsewhere on University property. University Manor further recommends that the tenant purchase the standard Pennsylvania Broad Form HO-4 Tenant’s or Renter’s Insurance Policy. This policy would assist the tenant in insuring all of his/her personal property to its full insurable value against such losses.

The tenant shall pay for the repair of any damage to the apartment, its contents, and to all other parts of University property marred by the tenant, members of the tenant’s family, or the tenant’s guests. The amount due for repairs will be considered as additional rent, and the failure to pay such amounts when specified by the Housing Office or Director will result in “next step” actions taken against the tenant on the part of the University.

Tenants, tenant’s family, guests, or visitors must always act in a responsible, respectful and orderly manner. Disorderly conduct by any such individuals shall not be tolerated on this campus.

As part of the University’s goal to become better stewards of our environment, the Department of Housing Services will reduce, to an absolute minimum, the use of paper as the primary method to notify our tenants of upcoming events that may impact apartment utilities or require our entry into your apartment. Notices will be delivered electronically to the tenant-provided email address, whenever possible.

The applicant will forfeit the $100 advance housing payment if request for cancellation is received later than 7 days after the lease has been validated.

1 Bedroom Apartment – $925.00 per month
2 Bedroom Apartment (Whole) – $1,100.00 per month
2 Bedroom Apartment (Shared) – $550.00 per month
3 Bedroom Apartment – $1,248.00 per month
Nursing – $2,641.00 per semester
Short Term monthly rate – $556.00 per month
Short Term daily rate – $40.00 a day

All maximum occupancy rates include guests.

1 Bedroom Apartment – 2 people
2 Bedroom Apartment (Shared) – 3 people
2 Bedroom Apartment (Whole) – 3 people
3 Bedroom Apartment – 5 people

A security deposit is required to reserve the apartment prior to occupancy and should be sent to the Housing Office once a letter of assignment has been received. The deposit shall be regarded as security for the care and safe keeping of the premises by tenant, return of the original keys to the Housing Office upon vacating the apartment, and payment of rent and other charges when due.

  • Whole apartment – $200.00
  • Shared apartment – $150.00
  • Short term apartment – $150.00
  • Nursing apartment – $150.00 per semester

The following utilities are provided by the Housing Department at no added cost to the tenant.

  • Domestic Water
  • Electricity
  • Heat and Air Conditioning
  • Internet Service
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Local Phone Service
  • Pest Control
  • Refuse Collection
  • Sewer Charges
  • Snow and Leaf Removal

The following utilities are the responsibility of the tenant.

  • Cable Television
  • Long Distance Telephone Service

The University is not liable for failure to supply heat, air conditioning, hot water, or other utilities or services when such failure is beyond University’s control.

The University has the right to turn off temporarily any utility or other service to the Leased Premises in order to make repairs or complete maintenance.

The University Manor East (UME) student housing complex is reserved for Post Graduate students and their families.

All UME apartments are unfurnished, but are supplied with the following amenities:

  • Electric Range
  • Refrigerator
  • Washing Machine
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Electric water heater
  • Electric forced air heat and air conditioning.
  • Wall to wall carpeting in bedrooms and common areas.
  • Mini-blinds for each bedroom window.
  • Dacron sheer draperies in the living room. An additional traverse rod is also installed for tenants to hang additional draperies as they desire.

UME housing complex consists of 248 student apartments. The complex is made up of the following apartment types:

  • 24 One-Bedroom apartments are available to one single student with no children, a married student with no children, or two domestic partners with no children.
  • 208 Two-Bedroom apartments are available to two single students (shared unit), married students with no more than one child or without children, or two domestic partners with no more than one child or without children.
  • 16 Three-Bedroom apartments are available only to married students with at least two but no more than three children, or domestic partners with at least two or no more than three children.

The University Manor West (UMW) student housing complex consists of 31 four-bedroom apartments and is reserved for single or unaccompanied students attending the College of Medicine (COM) College of Nursing.

UMW apartments are furnished (including window treatments), but tenants will need to bring the following items:

  • Pillow
  • Bed linens
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Pots, pans, and dishes

Single or unaccompanied students attending a program at the Medical Center or College of Medicine will be provided housing in University Manor West student housing complex on a space-available basis. Short term housing is considered six months or less.